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"whole predicament in which the human race is standing.
.When the war is over, however, a time of healing ought
to come, and it is our duty to carry all our problems ta
further analysis. Politicians, in the hurry of affairs
and in the stress of conflict, may hardly have an oppor-
tunity to cover the problem in an all-embracing survey,
for we must regard them as generally acting under
great pressures. We in universities, however—and
especially those of us who study history—have a dflty
to think in longer terms and seize upon the problem
precisely where the difficulties are most challenging.
We ought to be straining our minds to think of new
things and to enlarge the bounds of understanding; for
though our enlarged understanding of the problem will
not necessarily prevent war, it may remove some of the
unwisdom which has made victory itself so much more
disappointing in its results than it otherwise might have